Serving the Most of the Greater Houston Area!

YearRound  offers lawn treatment solutions to keep your lawn looking great!  Services include core aeration, fertilizer applications, compost  top-dressing, and weed control, as well as insect and disease treatments as  needed.  Using top quality products from Micro Life, Nature's Way  Resources, and other industry leaders, YearRound incorporates  a fertilization schedule developed by regional Gulf Coast experts into a  comprehensive monthly service program.

Monthly Service Includes the Following:

  • Organic Foliar Spray- Jan
  • Micro Life Humates Plus-Feb
  • Pre-emergent Herbicide- Feb​
  • Granular Slow Release Spring Fertilizer -Apr​
  •  Granular Slow Release Summer Fertilizer  -Late June
  •  Granular Slow Release Fall Fertilizer  - October
  • Pre-emergent Herbicide- October
  • ​MicroLife Humates Plus- Dec
  • MicroLifeOrganic Foliar Sprays all other months